Thank you Kristiana Reed.

Perhaps the best thing to happen for a novice blogger like me, to get noticed by a renowned author Kristiana Reed (My screaming twenties) and including my Poem in the FREEVERSEREVOLUTION.WORDPRESS.COM.

Enclosing the link for you all dear friends.

Appreciate her guidance and direction for this happy moment. Looking forward for her patronage and support going forward.

My angel artist…..

The colours you got me….are all messed up in my room..
The white tee shirt i adorned is not white anymore…
Even the pink walls that you painted on my wish, have blotches and blacks everywhere
My new brushes have lost their bristles
The palette seems multicoloured from the white earlier
Can’t say more about the water, which was transparent, looks like the murky concoction of the old lake we sailed on..

My dolls were eager to play, so they too got a share of the rainbow
Now beauty looks like beastie and snowhite is not snowy anymore

To rescue them came my teddy brute
With a coloured arrow I had to shoot
Bulls eye….rammed my hand, shaking the chisel and stand…

Off went the golden dust on the pale floor
But we can glaze it again far sure….

Wind was a little mischievous too….drying my shades very fast…
To teach it a lesson, i had to shut the window fast like a blast..
Less did i knew the holder was in the way…
Like a swing it did sway…
Shading the drapes and the curtain near the frame..

Oh! I am so scared now seeing the mess
Don’t know what you will say, i surely can’t guess
But one thing that I am sure apart…
I painted a masterpiece of my art….
If you love it spare my grace
If you don’t, in that case..

I will close my paints and all their charm..
Wake up early morning to run as per the alarm..
Swing like a pro, and crunch like mad


Painted by Saanvi Bhat…..

Snowfall…In Heaven on Earth…..

I slept late last night, leaving everything dark.
Even the moon was covered in the veil of fog, not even fire flies twinkling.

Tugged under a heavy blanket, trying to amass the left over heat from my trembling body, topsy and turvey, fanatically closing the eyes..

Not a whisper, no crickets, not even winds woo.
As if moore’s last sigh condemned too.
Creepy, crawling and nocturnals, diminished

Can’t say when, the eyelids caressed
Glued together with the gum of night,
But alas, my dreams too seemed to be cold out.

Time slithering slowly down the curvy ravines of hourglass
Grain on grain, silently, stealthily, callously
The boundary bound hands circling …..

The passageway seemed so long for a night,
Dreamy eyes yearning for the morning light,
Birds cuddled in their nests waiting for the flight,
Unaware how is the morning reflecting to the sight…

Far away the distant meadows, that i left dwindling
Not even my husky returned back for his treat
Talking about the melancholy birdsong, even the bees didn’t retreat.

What was my mind longing for, perhaps a sip of heat
Perhaps a whiff of the chimneys smoke…
Or the dancing flames gushing in the wind
What was it that was yearned sweet.

In this tug of war somewhere a chirrup echoed,
The brightest of the rays rattling at the window
It was a cold warmth, mixed with the freshness

Dozed off weary like under a whiff of weed
I opened my half closed eyes to see the nature glare…

White….white….all white,
As if heavens had painted it till the horizon
Toiling all night, spraying the magic
Trembling and blue fingers setting it flat

Untouched, unwalked, unfootprinted.
Pristine, pure, piously crafted, no tracks on..
An inch on the branches, and foots deep on the land
Nests of birds covered, covering the basking mother birds wings….

Even the deadly dull decomposing leaves
Were painted white, afresh and serene..
The dripping from stalagtites and shapes of stalagmites

Numerous mirrors sprayed and shaped
Glazing, shining, reflecting yet absorbing
Far across those muddy murky meadows

Far across the distance a puff…a constant puff of smoke freezing in frenzy seconds
The lonely husky, like a wanderer, running
On the enlightened white path, eager to announce..

Over those mighty peaks, of the deadly but dormant
A calmness, yet cold smoke
Running across to touch the cottons on the floating bay
Not deadly anymore.

The whitest creamy optic shroud
Covering the eternity throughout.
As if the heavens above, shared their charm
To decorate the world below, dowsed in love.

Oh…memories of my childhood
How beautiful it shall though,
How shall i relish again, how shall i relinquish them

All i can do is close my eyes in the darkest night
And hope to the the brightest when i wake.

“Snowfall in Heaven on Earth” by AMIT BHAT.


On this day several years back, I had to face the biggest loss of my life. My father who left us and went heavens abode.

Not even a single day since then has passed that i didn’t feel his presence in my life. He has inspired me when he was physically present and afterwards when he was watching on me from above the skies, perhaps next to God.

These few words of remembrance are dedicated to him for I wouldn’t have been a father what I am and a person what i have become. MISS YOU DAD

Remembrances of someone, who has given his all, eternal and universal.

At the cost of own wishes, his own wants and own necessities. With dreams incomplete, struggles as part of the lines of destiny. Yet divine to the core and pious to the brim.

An epitome of knowledge, abundance of affection, a figure which can be compared next to GOD.

A friend at times, a guide always, even an enemy when necessarily deserved….

A teacher with an aim, a leader with no concern of fame, and a stranger much nearer than someone own.

How was that, the strength of mind you possessed, influenced numerous people, yet you were so sublime and poised.

You would beat a Michelin star, yet the taste of a simple morsel felt as satire.

How can it be that destiny made us apart, when you are still flowing in the threads of my heart, nurturing my entire self…physically and deep within my soul.

There was never an occasion more important than that hug of satisfaction….of you being proud of my name and not concerned about my futuristic fame. It was a pedestrian paved for days to come…

If this is me….now…and till we are together again….its because of you DAD……and I couldn’t say how much i loved you, but always hid it in me…..

Light….through darkness…

Light through the darkness…….is a tribute to perhaps the most priced daughter in the entire eternity who rose from dust to reach stars through her will and determination and support from her beloved father. A relation which I found very serene and inspiring. So a tribute in my words

November 7, 1867, this was the day my today`s subject was born IN Warsaw (NEW WORLD POLLAND). A DAUGHTER who proved herself to the world not only once but twice. Among 5 siblings, she rose to the epitome of fame despite a roller coaster of struggles and criticism.
Mr. Wladslaw Sklodowska, was a mathematics teacher and physics instructor. This was perhaps the first inspiration of this DAUGHTER towards what she achieved in her life.
She lost her mother when she was mere 10 years of age, but that did not deter her from achieving her destiny for which she was perhaps born. Mr. Sklodowska on the other hand fulfilled all the requirements of being a father and mother of his 5 children, for which the biggest support was his DAUGHTER who took even care of her siblings despite being the youngest of all.
MARIA SKLODOWOSKA. This name was of no meaning to the world at the moment, like a uncut diamond burning in the fires deep within the earth to be discovered and rise to the glory.

So, about Maria, as a child she took after her father. She had a curious and brilliant mind which made her he most brilliant student in her school. But despite being a top student in her secondary school, she had a biggest hurdle in her way, “TO GET ADMISSION IN WARSAW MALE ONLY UNIVERSITY”, but that didn’t discourage her and she continued her studies in Warsaws “FLOATING UNIVERSITY,” a set of underground, informal classes held at secret.
Both Maria and her sister BRONYA had a common dream to pursue higher education abroad and earn an official degree, but lacked financial aid to continue. Undeterred, Maria worked a deal with her sister. She would work to support Bronya while she was in school and in return the favor after she completes her studies. So for about half a decade Maria worked as a tutor and governess. She used her spare time to study, perfecting her knowledge about Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
With these efforts Maria finally acquired some finances and courage to enroll herself in the Sorbonne University in PARIS. She submerged herself into the studies and meagerly survived on buttered bread and tea most of her time, which took a toll on her health as well, but she went on.
At an age of 26, Maria completed her master’s degree in Physics in 1893, and another master’s degree in Mathematics in the year 1894.
Stepping into another phase of her life, she married a fellow scholar in Sorbonne University on July 26th 1895. The two were often referred as the “SCIENTIFIC DYNAMIC DUO”
Maria received a commission to perform a study on different types of steel and their magnetic properties and needed a lab to perform her research.
Maria and her husband were passionate about their fields of work and soon became devoted to each other. Although her husband was working on his own projects, an astonishing discovery made by Marie made her husband leave his own projects and join Maria to pursue her research.

Not to extend the suspense here, I would now reveal the name of this amazing “DAUGHTER MARIA” and her husband by the name she was known to the scientific world. She was MARIE CURIE and PIERRE CURIE. This was how Maria became MARRIE CURIE.
Life seemed to take a beautiful curve in her life with a loving husband and 2 daughters from their marriage, but it was not long lived. Pierre was killed in a fatal accident which left MARIE grief stricken and devastated, YET her iron will didn’t let her give up.

In the prime phase of her professional career, Marie Curie discovered radioactivity, along with radioactive elements POLONIUM and RADIUM
She also worked closely with French physicist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen who found X-Rays and took his work a few steps ahead and mastered the art of X-RAY
Her biggest achievement was when she discovered RADIUM present in pitchblende in year 1902.
Then came another devastation in the form of WORLD WAR 1 IN THE YEAR 1914, Instead of getting into the race of developing warfare machines and weapons of mass destruction, despite an expert in radioactive material, Marie devoted her time and immense efforts to generate the portable X-RAY machines which could be carried to the war fields for the help of humanity. These machines were thus called “LITTLE CURIES”.

Marie Curie achieved her prime salvation in 1903 for her exemplary work in PHYSICS, when she became the first woman to be awarded with the prestigious ALFRED NOBEL PRIZE, shortly called NOBEL PRIZE. But that was not the end, she earned her second NOBEL laureate in 1911 for CHEMISTRY and became the first MAN OR WOMAN to receive this prestigious award twice.
She joined the other famous scientists like ALBERT EINSTEIN and MAX PLANCH to attend the first SOLVAY GONRESS.
Curie made many breakthroughs in her lifetime. Posthumously she was awarded honors and one such including bearing her and her husband’s name for educational institutions like PIERRE AND MARIE CURIE UNIVERSITY.
MARIE CURIE left for her ultimate journey to heavens abode on 4th of July 1934 due to aplastic anemia caused by the prolonged exposure to radiations. She was known to carry test tubes of RADIUM in her pockets of her lab coat to avoid misuse.
She was interred in the PANTHEON in PARIS as her final resting place. Even after her demise she was the first woman in the history to have received the honor of being laid to rest in peace at this historical place.

Through this journey, an immense relation is highlighted which can be a guideline for many fathers to nurture their daughters with the best possible care and opportunities for them to soar to the optimum heights and become legends.
This is my tribute to another FATHER & DAUGHTER relationship.

Stop by…….life a journey. Not a goal…

Sometimes I wonder how much we struggle, for the necessities posed on us by the desire of being happy.

Toil hard, work to the brim, deep down the ravines and across the thorny paths.

Aghast and eyes wide open…glancing to the point across horizon.
Just like a bunch of grass tied at a unreachable close distance…for the bulls and horses to fetch….

No, time for the appreciation towards the shape of the snow flakes, or the twinkle of a star….

A flower downed for the want of more at the feet of the one above all..
Perhaps a candle for the almighty to make him see us too…

No, care about the fast beating heart…or the gushing blood through the chambers – not for the feeling of love or affinity, but “alas” for the dime…ONE MORE, ONE MORE…

Ignorance to the warmth of the one who brought us in….and stringency of the time towards the one who taught us how to walk.

The engines in us rumbling….the thoughts in us always juggling….and the time utilized yet lost without a purpose.

Even the seasons have their season, even the eternity has a reason…..
Even the birds retreat at a time.

The serenity and the sanctity, a need and a want…..The required and the acquired….
The balance is lost.

Shut down your gears, gaze into the eyes of your dears…
For the life is a journey and not a task.
Love those remembrances as their journey might end soon.
Love those ones who love to be loved by you.

Take a breath, deep within. Feel the air and grass. Hear the chirrup, and streams flow.

And then know, how much we struggle, for the necessities posed on us by the desire of being happy.


Echoes in the dark…

A lifetime of echoing scratches, long have i walked by.
Grinding the grit under my feet, yet the sack half empty.
Even those maples grew so tall, but not my graph much sought about.
I crossed those murky rivers deep down to my neck…
Looking for that glittery stone which everyone talked about.
Long have i suffered the wrath of the circling hands…long have i lost my serenity.
Darning those high peaks where clouds rest in peace,
The melancholy song of the nightingale in starry nights…
Let me now make my abode in the shades of the night
Let me now live in peace that my burning heart has longed for….
Leave me now, leave my thoughts, for I have now drowned in my satire.
Leave me now…..leave me now

Yes to life….

Sitting alone in the darkness, i shall think…
What have i got and what do i want…
For I came alone and alone shall I go….
Across the wilderness, there may be a thousand stones…
Did I turn them all, did i see underneath…
Whom shall i blame..whom shall I curse…
For I am alone and though shall i remain…
Nor for this world, not for the skies, better not for anyone…
I remain in me and aloof for all..
Even though the path now is dark, dismay and grey
But i shall find my light at the end of the way…
I have got this life…which so many would dream of..
Then why shall i shut it….in a path low and high.
I shall fight, I shall win, and I shall be the guiding stars even for a sin.
I will win, I will win….yes I will win
” Amit Bhat “


This image below was my home in kashmir. What grandeur it held within. But due to the callous claws of the demonic practices of terrorism, my family had to leave and take refuge in other state.

It was a socioeconomic disaster, but I am glad that we got through it and got a new sunshine. Positivity in life is very important and its an effort through which if I can change a life to get back on the path of hope and positivity, I shall consider it a deed done.

A reformation….called Kadambini….

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.


These lines if read properly and related to every soul, will give an immense glimpse of what a relation means within a father and a daughter. The story of a girl who was born in the prime of patriarchy and male dominating society, rose up to make history, and perhaps an enlightening example for every girl in Independent India.

A very ardant Brahmo reformer Mr. Braja Kishore Basu, was headmaster of Bhagalpur School. He along with Mr. Abhay Charan Mallick started the movement for women’s emancipation at Bhagalpur, establishing the women’s organisation Bhagalpur Mahila Samiti in 1863, the first in India.

This introduction was undoubtedly important to begin with, because the words ” WOMENS EMANCIPATION” will be the soul of this fable.

So, Mr. Brija Kishore Basu- school headmaster, had a priced possession with him. A DAUGHTER who was born on 18 July 1861 at Bhagalpur, Bihar in British India. She was named Kadambini.

Kadambini started her education at Banga Mahila Vidyalaya and while at Bethune School (established by Bethune). In 1878 she became the first woman to pass the University of Calcutta entrance examination. It was partly in recognition of her efforts that Bethune College first introduced FA (First Arts), and then graduation courses in 1883. She and Chandramukhi Basu became the first graduates from Bethune College, and in the process became the first female graduates in the country and in the entire British Empirell.

Kadambini overcame some opposition from the teaching staff, and orthodox sections of society, but that never dettered her determination and inspite of all the hardships she went to the United Kingdom in 1892 and returned to India after qualifying as LRCP (Edinburgh), LRCS (Glasgow), and GFPS (Dublin).

She was offered a job in the best medical colleges of that era in the United kingdom but she chose to return back to India…for her part which she had to play was about to start.

Deeply inspired by her father, and his dedication towards ” WOMEN EMANCIPATION” she chose to marry his fathers Bramho reform leader Shree. DWARKANATH GANGULY and was thereafter known as KADAMBINI GANGULY. They were actively involved in female emancipation and social movements to improve work conditions of female coal miners in eastern India. She was one of the six female delegates to the fifth session of the Indian National Congress in 1889, and even organised the Women’s Conference in Calcutta in 1906 in the aftermath of the partition of Bengal. In 1908, Kadambini had also organised and presided over a Calcutta meeting for expressing sympathy with Satyagraha – inspired Indian labourers in Transvaal, South Africa. She formed an association to collect money with the help of fundraisers to assist the workers.

She was heavily criticised by the then conservative society opposing women liberation. After returning to India and campaigning for women’s rights ceaselessly, she was indirectly called a ‘whore’ in the magazine ‘Bangabashi’, but that could not deter her determination. She took the case up to the court and eventually won with a jail sentence of 6 months meted out to the editor Mahesh Pal.

 “Ganguli’s wife, Kadambini, was appropriately enough the most accomplished and liberated Brahmo woman of her time. From all accounts, their relationship was most unusual in being founded on mutual love, sensitivity and intelligence… Mrs. Ganguli’s case was hardly typical even among the more emancipated Brahmo and Christian women in contemporary Bengali society. Her ability to rise above circumstances and to realize her potential as a human being made her a prize attraction to Sadharan Brahmos dedicated ideologically to the liberation of Bengal’s women.”

David Kofp.

What gave Kadambini Ganguly such courage, so much passion to rise above the socioeconomic difficulties and an era which was so much against the liberation of women, undoubtedly an inspiration, a driving force, a mentor and a person closest to her heart…..HER FATHER.

KADAMBINI went on to become the first certified doctor of INDEPENDENT INDIA. Not only did she cure the ailments of the people but she cleansed the society and eventually a part of the world for underprivileged women as well.

Greatness is not in stature or power, greatness is a simple approach for unconditional love, faith and sacrifice. And the best examples are always somehow connected to the JOURNEY HAND in HAND between a father and his daughter.


“A lioness among the jackals”….”a daughter to be proud of”..

In the 13th century Sultan Mamluk Sultan Shamsuddin Iltutmish had groomed his eldest son Nasiruddin Mahmud to be his successor, but his son died unexpectedly in 1229.

According to historian Minhaj-i-Siraj, Iltutmish believed that his other sons were absorbed in pleasurable activities, and would be incapable of managing the state affairs after his death. While leaving for his Gwalior campaigin in 1231, Iltutmish left his daughter Razia (Popularly known as RAZIA SULTANA) as in-charge of Delhi’s administration. Razia performed her duties so well that after returning to Delhi, Iltutmish decided to name her as his successor.

Iltutmish ordered his officer mushrif-i mamlakat Tajul Mulk Mahmud Dabir to prepare a decree naming Razia as the heir apparent. When his nobles questioned this decision on the basis that he had surviving sons, Iltutmish replied that Razia was more capable than his sons.

What made Razia a sultana? Was it her fathers unconditional love, his blind faith in his daughter or the will of Razia Sulatana to prove her might to become the first ruler of India. Being surrounded by a male dominant society, she had the audacity to put forward her own character and strength to the ultimate test.

Razia administered Delhi during 1231-1232 when her father was busy in the Gwalior campaign. According to a possibly apocryphal legend, impressed by her performance during this period, Iltutmish nominated Razia as his heir apparent after returning to Delhi. Iltutmish was succeeded by Razia’s half-brother Ruknuddin Firuz, whose mother Shah Turkan planned to execute her. During a rebellion against Ruknuddin, Razia instigated the general public against Shah Turkan, and ascended the throne after Ruknuddin was deposed in 1236.

Her famous words to her followers were so strong that they swore to their life to protect her and follow her lead. She had said ” IF I FAIL TO EXECUTE WHAT I PROMISED, YOU CAN ALL DISPOSE ME “

14th century text Futuh-us-Salatin,

Razia’s ascension to the throne of Delhi was unique not only because she was a woman, but also because the support from the general public was the driving force behind her appointment.

Razia’s ascension was challenged by a section of nobles, some of whom ultimately joined her, while the others were defeated. The Turkic nobles who supported her expected her to be a figurehead, but she increasingly asserted her power. This, combined with her appointments of non-Turkic officers to important posts, led to their resentment against her. She was deposed by a group of nobles in April 1240, after having ruled for less than 4 years. She married one of the rebels – Ikhtiyaruddin Altunia – and attempted to regain the throne, but was defeated by her half-brother and successor Muizuddin Bahram in October that year, and was killed shortly after.

RAZIA SULTANA not only conquered the heart of her beloved father, but she assented to the highest laurette of her time. Perhaps it was a relation with her father which generated the characteristic features of bravery and self determination in her.

Her story was taken as the base of famous bollywood movie after her name RAZIA SULTANA enacted by the dream girl HEMA MALINI, but was more of a dramatization of her love story.

A journey although ended on a sad conclusion, it was one of the best exemplars of a sound relation based on trust between A FATHER and his DAUGHTER….

Ae dile nadaan, ae dile naadaan. Aarzo kya hai, justaju kya hai……

Oh my wandering heart, oh my wandering heart, what is that wish, what is that want….

razia sultana.